Tooled Up: The Bonbon Club


Although it’s an unlikely tavern, with playfully mismatched furniture and eclectic decor in bright colors, it works uncannily as a meetinghouse. Tucked along Gallardo St. in Legazpi Village, Makati, the unassuming gin joint is more than just a gathering place for club members and recruits. It’s an intimate and laid-back space that keeps good company and gets you affiliated with some of the finest drinks in town. Welcome to the Bonbon Club!

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It’s one of Metro Manila’s most unique bars, with cork stools, wicker loungers, capiz shell coasters, and hipster terrarium. At the heart of The Bonbon Club is its inviting atmosphere. Theirs is a social circle of urban dwellers mingling, yuppies letting off steam after work-hours over cold, refreshing cocktails. Carrying over 40 premium label bottles, gin is the poison of choice here. For snacks, their version of club sandwiches come via Pepi Cubano next door.

Dedicated to the appreciation of gin, menu items and must-try signature drinks are named for the clear liquor’s herbal origins, medicinal history, often tongue-in-cheek depictions, and astringent traditions.

Besides a roster of gin-based classics such as the Negroni, Gimlet, and Martini, the Club’s signature cocktails infuse timeless flavors with modern creativity.

The Dr. Sylvius, named after the supposed creator of the liquor, is a smooth blend of citruses with a hint of ginger sweetness. Madame Geneva, meanwhile, is an ode to the feminine persona often associated with gin. Cruikshank’s Mad House, a reference to satirical English illustrator George Cruikshank, is a deliciously dizzying mix that highlights the Bonbon Club’s in-house infused syrups.


Equipped with our premium Bevtools products, the Bonbon Club’s concoctions are sure to add some sparkle to your evening.

The Bonbon Club is located at Tropical Palms, Gallardo St., Legaspi Village, Makati, 1229 Metro Manila