Copper Cobbler Shaker Set

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Heavyweight Cobbler Shaker - Copper

Copper plated, 500ml / 17oz, 1.10 lb each (.5 kg)

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Japanese Inspired Jigger 1/2oz & 3/4oz - Copper

Copper plated inside and out with
Banded measurements

-One line on the 1/2oz side for a 1/4oz measure

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Japanese Inspired Jigger 1oz & 2oz - Copper

Copper plated inside and out with

Band measurements

-2oz side: 1 1/2 (1.5) oz line

-1oz side: 3/4oz (.75) line

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Product Description


COBBLER SHAKER SET STAINLESS: A sturdy shaker is the cornerstone to most mixed drinks. And when accompanied by the proper jigger, you’re in possession of essential bartending tools. That’s where our Cobbler Shaker Set comes in. Not only will you be getting the precise measurements needed, this heavyweight shaker makes sure you get that nice solid shake.

Sporting a sturdy 500ml, 1.1lb shaker in a classic style, and our Belle Jigger with ounce measurements up to 2oz, the Cobbler Set provides the essential tools for crafting killer cocktails.


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